Ready for More Clients? 

Create a Client Attraction Strategy Tailored to You

Odds are, you got into business to do what you love and give yourself the freedom to spend more time with family, friends and on your hobbies. Right?

Spending all your time marketing your services is probably not something you want to be doing, true story?

With Kickstart you will master your marketing strategy, creating a client attraction plan for the year ahead that uses your inherent abilities, is fun to implement and does not take all your time.

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Attract Qualified Strangers To Your Services

There is no question that one thing any business needs to survive is customers or clients - people who want your services.

The challenge for many is how to attract the right people who will pay for your services.

From Strangers To Clients is a comprehensive 7-step ethical system created by helping professionals for those professions that work one on one with clients and shows you how to draw a never-ending stream of clients to your door.

Create Ads To Get Prospects at Low-Cost - Build Your List

One of the biggest challenges business owners experience is how to create adverts that generate clicks and then turn those clicks into clients.

Prospects from Google Ads is a popular program that shows you how to master creating ads using Google's AdWords, previously AdWords. Find your audience and lower your cost per click, keeping your budget manageable.

Talk the Language of Your Ideal Client

The start point for any effective marketing is to be sure who you want to work with. When you know this you can learn the right language to use so they hear your message.

In Learn Your Market's Language To Sign-Up More Clients you will discover the language your ideal client uses so you can connect with and engage with them in an ethical way so that you can double your prospect conversions.