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In This Webclass Carrie's Going to Reveal:


What to do to get out of overwhelm, and achieve real results fast!


Ways you can present information so your audience feels strongly connected to you so that they clamour to work with you.


The secrets to tap into the mind of your ideal clients so they are eager to hear more from you. Dramatically cut the time you spend marketing.

* You'll even get some extra insights that Carrie wasn't able to add in the book!

Meet The Best-Selling Author and Webclass Presenter, Carrie Wallis:

As a newly widowed mother on the brink of bankruptcy, I knew I had to get serious about my business and find a way to attract a constant stream of new clients OR return to the corporate world with its glass ceiling and long hours.

You get to benefit from the years, and thousands of $ spent studying marketing, along with the trial and error that I put in to turn things around from a sporadic $2-4k a month to a consistent $8,000 a day income from my coaching, therapy and course-creation business.

My vision is for quality coaches & therapists to be accessible to all who need their help. To do this I want to support you to market your services in an easy, fun and ethical way. My focus is on helping you to build trusting relationships with prospects that lead to a natural and effortless enrolment process, fast!

When I'm not serving my clients, I can be found walking our mini-foxy dog in the beautiful Southern Highlands of Australia or enjoying a glass of fine wine with friends and family.

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